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Mylocator.com promises to radically alter the search engine space by cutting out middle men like Google and Yahoo. The Mylocator engine works by classifying over 1300 domain name categories and allowing searchers to first pick the category and then what they are looking for. The outcome should be more accurate search results from an engine that puts searchers directly in contact with what they are looking via vertical searching. To put it simply, Google and others search by scouring the internet for keywords that users search for and then spits out the results. Mylocator allows people to search through categories of domains that are networked bringing better results faster. The potential for increased revenues due to better targeted search results could also be enormous.
In their own words

“1300+ strategic vertical locator domain names. A multichannel network of locator engines for every subject. Pioneers of Strategic Vertical Locator Cluster Technology.”

Why it might be a killer

This technology could radically change the way that people search for things online. With the advent of social networking, a different type of integrative search is required, and perhaps Mylocator can fill that need.

Some questions

Will Mylocator be able to successfully persuade people to alter the way that they currently search? Will Google feel threatened enough by this technology to adopt something similar or buy the company?

Read more: http://www.killerstartups.com/Search/mylocator-com-vertical-locator-network#ixzz0fII7NJPD

Read more: http://www.killerstartups.com/Search/mylocator-com-vertical-locator-network#ixzz0fII7Shix